(TV-PILOTS by request)



NOTE: The following screenplays have been copyrighted by the Library of Congress.

1 - SILVERDUST The Mystifying Time Traveler, an Episodic Screenplay.

Category: Feature

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Spiritual.

THE PREMISE: Rene Silver, riding home on his 1991 new Harley-Davidson motorcycle gets struck by lightning while pulling into the Maple Tree Motel in Plattburgh, New York.  After rising and facing a heavenly Deity called the Mystifying One, Rene is given the choice of remaining, or deciding if he would consider returning to his earthly life.  Upon hearing his story, and the good the cyclist wants to achieve, the Deity Christens Rene with a motorcycle of the year 2050, by the name "Silverdust."





2 - SMITHSONIA, Animal Instinct Therapy (Also a 3-Act Play)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

LOGLINE: Violating certain rules by introducing one’s own psychotherapy protocol can become a psychoanalyst’s nightmare. Dr. Cooper becomes guilty of violating his agreement with Dr. Blanchard, head psychiatrist of the Smithsonia Mental Facility, when he introduces his forbidden “Animal Instinct” technique to his newly assigned mental patients. After a harrowing course of structured psychoanalytical procedures and character intimidation, all hell breaks loose to the point where both doctors lives hang in the balance.  



3 - NEPTUNE'S SONGS OF THE SIRENS, A Haunting Psychological Thriller of the Deep

Category: Feature

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Spiritual, Nautical Thriller

THE PREMISE: Set in Southampton, New York, during the late 1970’s this story becomes a haunting, psychological, nautical thriller . Howard Ridgewell an established Danish painter, famous for his Neptunian paintings of mermaids riding the backs of dolphins, brings about a curse that drives his daughter and granddaughter to the brink of suicide. When his daughter, Lillian, borrows his technique and persuades her daughter, Justine to pose semi-nude for her mermaid series, she inevitably becomes the talk of The Hamptons.



4 – AN EERIE HEIRLOOM, A PILOT (Adapted from Collection of Short Stories)

Category: Pilot

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Haunting Thriller

THE PREMISE: Set in the Arles Hotel an France, Mr. Monet and Roger, the hotel bellhop, have devised a system of extorting funds by exposing the contents of a mysterious black box to scare guest into paying rent in arrears. However, their ploy backfires when the house detective discovers fifty thousand dollars delivered by the ghost of Van Gogh, including his severed ear.

5 - THE SPIRIT OF THE FLYING LADY (Copyright, Library of Congress 2011)

Category: Feature

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Spiritual, Thriller

THE PREMISE: Based on his own true-to-life experiences of a Silver Cloud Rolls Royce riding through the streets of Manhattan, chauffeur Edward J Longo takes the reader through a string of franchised erotic strip joints, to exchanging large volumes of cocaine and heroin, to harrowing parties at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel located on Park Avenue.  This is a novel set within a fast-paced criminal team plagued with  unfortunate circumstances. Their fortune, as well as inevitable misfortune, is made through Mafia-figure, MICHAEL’S dealings as an ex-con. The invisible spirit is contained within the "Flying Lady" emblem while MICHAEL and PATRICIA, his alluring girlfriend, portray an exciting duo, keeping the mood suspenseful and intriguing. (Note the Rolls Royce Flying Lady emblem)